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05-20-2010, 02:07 PM
Hello All

I have a general question regarding what to do for visitors to download small spreadsheets from my website.

I tried all the advice I have been reading on the forum e.g. Drag the spreadsheets from the left to the right in FTP Manager and creating a hyperlink.
When i did this and created a hyperlink it still did not work (yes I published the page to check)

Because it was a spreadsheet i used the .xls extension. So the link I created looked something like this http://www.igamewell.com/tetris.xls (http://www.igamewell.com/tetris.xls(example) (example)

I have about 10 spreadsheets I want to upload. Now I was reading that I should put it into a zip file, however my problem with that is, I have all the games listed on the page and the idea is they click on the name of the game they want to download.

Would uploading the spreadsheets into my public)html root folder work? or does the .xls extension not work?

Any advice would be appreciated a lot.

Thank you in advance

05-20-2010, 03:02 PM
In public_html, create a new Folder and name it "spreadsheet".

Create a subfolder for each event or project.

Zip your spreadsheets and name it short n sweet like "ss-1" and so on.

Use your FTP and upload to your Spreadsheet folder.

Once uploaded you will see the file as "ss-1.zip".

From your download page provide a hyperlink to the above file.

Sample link: "www.yourdomain.com/spreadsheet/ss-1.zip"

The download will be activated once anybody click on the download link.

05-20-2010, 03:32 PM
Hello Zuriatman

Thank you for your reply.

So just to make sure I understand your post correctly.

I create a folder in the public_html I than create a subfolder within that folder and name it whatever the spreadsheet is called for example. Tetris

Than, do i zip my spreadsheets seperatly? so each spreadsheet in its own zip file? or all the spreadsheets into 1 zip file?

Thanks in advance