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06-10-2010, 07:45 AM
I've downloaded ABVFP succesfully and now trying to make a form and put on my Index page and all my site pages of my site (www.foisoare.sfatulnostru.com (http://www.foisoare.sfatulnostru.com))
My main domain is "sfatulnostru.com"
I created the form (called Newsletter) succesfully.
So, no I've got lost here and I will highly appreciate your help.

I will put it in other words as well as.
I need a form on my site's pages where visitors have to input their name , e-mail address and submmit as their acceptance for receiving Newsletter.

I will be very greatfull to receiving your advises.

Thank you

06-10-2010, 04:02 PM
First thing I've noticed is that you have 2 index pages

http://www.foisoare.sfatulnostru.com/index.html (No Subscription Form)
http://www.foisoare.sfatulnostru.com/index.php (Has Subscription Form)

When you add a form to BV it will auto change the page extension to .php
The internet will always look for .html first, so in your case you'll have to remove it from the server.

So bear this in mind for all your other pages where a form has been added (especially when linking) . They will all have a .php extension.

Hope this helps