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07-09-2010, 03:46 AM
I thought I had created this thread yesterday but I don't see it anywhere. If it's a duplicate I sincerely apologize. Concerning www.hodgepodgecreations.com (http://www.hodgepodgecreations.com)

I wanted to use a wordart title for all my web pages. It should read "Hodge Podge Creations" and does in BlueVoda. Regardless of how many times I publish my pages, the word art is missing when viewing on the Internet. Others have told me that some titles appear on their computers while missing from other pages. When I brought my website up on my cell phone, all the titles appeared just find. I rechecked on yet another computer and all the titles were missing. I have used Microsoft Word "wordart" many times with no issues. So why not BV's wordart? I am baffled.

07-09-2010, 03:55 AM
If you are using Blue Voda to build your website (as you should be, as these Forums PRIMARILY support the use of Blue Voda), you will note the "LOGO MAKER" icon along the lower left edge of the BV Workpane .... you will use this to create your Logo, NOT "WordArt" or any other Microsoft tool!

The ONLY way to continue to use MS Office 'Publisher' and WordArt is to take a screenshot of your design, and 'edit' it as you see fit, and then re-save it as a JPG image to import onto your Blue Voda created web page design.

Either/Or, but never both.

Methinks you really should go back through the Blue Voda Video Tutorials IN SEQUENCE to fully comprehend the capabilities and processes included in this leading web builder ...

Oh .. and by the way: NEVER "proof" your web design using a hand-held device, as they display in a unique "abbreviated" browser format (MOBI) and not in the universal format as provided by Firefox, Slimbrowser, Safari, Opera, or IE. You knew that, right?

07-09-2010, 10:32 AM
BV's Wordart will publish as image in the published page. So one of the reasons for it not appearing could be that when you published, you selected "Publish HTML files only"

Select "Publish All Files" and publish again.

If it still doesn't appear, post back.

Edit: I DO see your WordArt text "Hodge Podge Creations" in your home page. Is it some other page you are talking about ?

If it still doesn't appear for you, it can only mean tht your browser is cacheing, you should refresh it.

07-10-2010, 03:58 AM
Navaldesign - thank you for your response. You understood what I was trying to do. The wordart I was referring to is Blue Voda's wordart. I put the same title page you said you saw on the index page on all my pages. I refreshed my cache (deleted temp files and history). The wordart showed up then disappeared again. I guess you can see I'm new at this but I assure you I have gone over every single tutorial I can find and most of the forum. I like having the "wave" effect of wordart that using BV's "logo" icon doesn't do. I can change the look of the "banner" but prefer not to. Again thank you for your help.