View Full Version : Securing a download page with username & psd

08-20-2010, 02:45 PM
1. Although, i have not published my website but i have created seven different pages including main page, sign-Up, log-In page, downloads page & three others that i have been able to link together.
2. The main page has the log-In & change password form embedded at the Top right hand corner of my screen. I need to know if the file extension for the main page(vdc_main as customed) should be php or html.
3. I want the download page to be accessible by users who are logged in with Usrname & Pswd.
4. When users copy the downloads page address without logging In, i want them to be automatically directed to the main page where they will have to log in.
5. I know i need to create a database, but will the field be created automatically as customed in the sign_up page or i'll have to design the tables myself?
6. Lastly, should my Sign Up page have a html extension or php?

I hope i will be able to get these issues fixed as soon to publish my website.

Thanks in anticipation towards a response.