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08-30-2010, 10:49 PM
I just found this site and I'm very glad I did. As I have read in the various posts that paypal can't do what I need. I need a shopping cart that will allow me to post my photos and allow the purchaser to select the proper shipping method or local pickup. I usually have a flat shipping fee for any purchase. Now I'm doing more local stuff and clients would like to pick them up from me and thus would not incur a shipping charge. I know this is not a free script, I'm just looking for direction in the way I need to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and thanks for this forum.

09-06-2010, 07:33 AM
You'd need a true shopping cart to offer those features to customers, and upon purchasing a Hosting Account from VodaHost, you can instantly load your choice of proven carts for Free (Zen, osCommerce, Soholaunch, CUBE, etc.).

I'd suggest browsing through the Tutorials for these various carts in our Forums to get an idea which seems more your style to manage and which offers you the features you require.

This too, is FREE.

Keep in mind, all carts make the differentation between taxable and non-taxable sales in compliance with Federal Laws, and in most cases this is the difference of in-State and out-of-State purchases. Whether you customers purchase online from any locale and elect to take delivery at a physical address will determine the rate of Tax they will be required to pay as well (there are specific fields to enter tax rates in your cart setup), so be sure to include this distinction in your online pricing scheme and in your Policy which must be comprehensive and posted.

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09-06-2010, 06:59 PM
You mean something like http://www.getwild.co.za/flowers_000003.php

If yes, http://www.dbtechnosystems.com/idc.php

06-13-2011, 02:42 AM
I am looking for Shopping Cart I can own, no monthly fee, no commission on sales. Currently my customers type in their session number and it opens a Web Photo Gallery of their photos. Not a shopping Cart. All of the carts I've found so far display a gallery of the sessions that are posted. I don't want my sessions visible until customer enters a password or number, and then just their session not a list of all the sessions on line and not a look at all the sessions. Do you know of any shopping carts that work like that or can be adapted to work like that.

06-13-2011, 07:27 PM
IDC (posted above) can be adapted to your requirements. However this is custom coding (just for you) and therefore costs can be high.