View Full Version : Voda 8 - Server Upgrade

09-02-2010, 04:59 PM
Dear Voda8 Customer,

In order to server you better and to provide you with the best possible hardware. We are in the process of moving your account to a brand new Lightening Fast , fresh out of the box server which is also called voda8.

Your new Voda8 server IP is and your new control panel login url is , your cPanel username and password will remain the same.

The server move starts now. Please refrain from doing any changes or updates to your website for exactly 24 hours, because the new changes will not show up. After the 24 hour period has lapsed everything will be back to normal. Also please do not try to login to your new server for 24 hours after the move, it will not work.

Your new server is rated 3.62 times faster and 3.91% more stable.


Also please click the below to update to the latest version of BlueVoda that includes the above mentioned new IP address. You may install directly over any previous version. None of your data will be compromised. Please make sure that the previous version is fully shut down before installing. (Please check to see if your version of BlueVoda already includes, if it does...You do not to download the below)

For the zipped version of BlueVoda use >>>> http://www.bluevoda.com/bv.zip

For the un-zipped setup.exe file version of BlueVoda use >>>>http://www.bluevoda.com/setup.exe