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10-11-2010, 09:16 AM
In the last article (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/ebusiness-concept-development-talk/59295-business-facebook-fan.html) I showed you why you should create a Facebook fan page and how to get started using it as a marketing tool for your business. By this point you should have set up a Facebook fan page for you business and begun inviting fans. You may already have even drawn quite a following to your Facebook fan page.

Today, Iím going to give you a few great tips on how to effectively use your Facebook fan page account to connect with your fans, how to keep them interested, how to insure that you are not annoying them and very importantly how to keep them forever coming back for more! It is an engaged subscriber is one who reads your content and if he's reading your content, there's a chance for you to profit.

With your Facebook fan page ( as well as any other social network that you are connecting to your customers with ) you have immense power to reach out to a great number of people and you DO NOT want to abuse that power or to alienate your followers. You must engage them, be trustworthy and provide what they want as well!

So let's get started:

1] The truth and nothing but the truth!

First of all you must ensure your profile information says exactly who you are and what you stand for. Keep it brief and truthful. Your fans and readers are not stupid and they will smell a rat if it is long-winded, sales-ie or boastful. Your Facebook fan page is almost completely about connecting with people and is a forum that should be a personal one. Leave out the hype and the sales pitches from 80% ( if not more if you can manage it ) of what you post about your business.

2] You MUST provide GREAT and RELEVANT content

It sounds obvious and yet many people just don't do it! Every Facebook post you make should have your subscribers interests at heart. Your should ALWAYS think carefully about why your subscribers are on your mailing list, the interests they have and the kind of content they want to receive - then give it to them.

Think of it this way: If you're a vegetarian and you've signed up to a mailing list for vegetarian food, then you receive emails about how best to make a hamburger would that appeal to you? Always, ALWAYS provide the relevant content that you are promising. If you don't engage your fans you're not going to see any results from your efforts.

3] HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?: Manage the frequency of your posts!

It is important to keep in regular contact with your followers otherwise they will become less responsive and in all honesty they will probably forget who you are and why they are your fans. The internet is vast and it is very easy for the attention of your followers to become distracted. You will have to do a little tightrope walking here though and find a balance between e-mailing too much or too little. Don't email them every hour of every single day just because you can ( with great power comes great responsibility, n'est-ce pas? )! Find the timeframe thatís just right for you. Once a day or two or three times a week should be just right! Oh, you can also try and figure out what times of day your fans are most responsive and try and connect with them then.

4] Ensure consistency and create expectations

Email marketing is about developing a relationship with your subscribers. Make sure they know who you are and set up expectations. It is important to develop your own style that make your posts and messages your own. This can be done through writing style, the kinds of words you regularly use, your email subject lines and the kind of content you give. Youíre making friends with your followers and they will keep coming back if they like your unique style.

5]Create a conversation

Always try to encourage your fans to talk with you, to comment on your posts and indeed to comment on each others posts. Keep them forever hitting that like button! Go beyond being a faceless marketer and actively engage with your fans. You must comment on their posts on your wall. Never ever forget that your fans are real people with real problems. If you can successfully create a conversation with them and solve their problems as well as providing real value, you'll create a lifelong and profitable relationship.

Try also to pose questions that get each other posting. This will create buzz around the social network and earn you more followers.

Take heed: There is no point in adding hundreds of friends daily if you have no intention to connect with them and always remember that part of the reason that you are using Facebook to market your product or brand is to ensure that everybody gets involved!

6] Okay, Itís not ALL about making friends...

Think about your business and your own unique selling proposition and make sure your fans know about it even if itís only in an almost subconscious way. Why should somebody join you in your business and why would they befriend you on Facebook? The answer to this question is critical to your success. Make up a 20 word summary (NO MORE!) of who you are and add it to your profile but no more than this. If you do not do this, or write way too much about your business or boast about how truly brilliant you are you may not be successful. If your fans want more details, encourage them to ask.

7] Finally, too much Twittering on Facebook is bad!

IF you have an active Twitter account where you tweet many times in one day, DO NOT connect Twitter and Facebook. You will surely irritate and annoy your Facebook fans if you have hundreds of status updates daily. Theyíll get bored of hearing about it .... look at it this way, you could maybe watch 2 episodes of The Simpsons in a row, maybe even 3 but how will you feel after the 7th or 8th episode ... chances are you may not want to look at the TV again for a good long while. D-OH!

If you follow the above tips you are sure to have a head start with your Facebook marketing campaign as well improve your customer base. Keep it friendly and always give your fans what they want!

To read our article on how to get started with a Facebook fan page, you can do so from the below link: