View Full Version : SubDomain in SEO ? Is Good?

04-04-2006, 12:29 AM
http://www.kung-fu-artes-marciais-wing-chun-ving-tsun.myvt.info (http://www.kung-fu-artes-marciais-wing-chun-ving-tsun.myvt.info/kung-fu-sao-paulo-artes-marciais-sao-paulo.html)
/kung-fu-sao-paulo-artes-marciais-sao-paulo.html (http://www.kung-fu-artes-marciais-wing-chun-ving-tsun.myvt.info/kung-fu-sao-paulo-artes-marciais-sao-paulo.html)

See that is a Subdomain and I possessed the keywords that need, will be that the subdomain does not generate better positioning that a main domain?

It will be very big for to be accepted in the Google by example? Which is the limit of the caracteres? I know that is of difficult memorization, but use another one URL for that. this is barely for a strategy of SEO with my Keywords

It is possible? Which the opinion of you?

04-04-2006, 04:30 AM
I think you'd be better off concentrating on using the keywords realistically on pages in your website - you won't get Google to come running by doing a sub with them all run together.

Now, if you have a good reason to have a sub-domain that will be useful aside from those running words, then do so - but I don't suggest you use that domain name that no one, including yourself, will ever remember.