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10-23-2010, 03:17 PM
I have been looking at MF and they have some really easy to use, nice looking templates...you can get a free account with them that comes with 1 gb of bandwidth - my question is - could anybody explain how that would relate to my vodahosted bandwidth? For example - if I used their web-builder and connected my domain to their site (but keeping it hosted with voda) would I need to worry about exceeding that 1 gb restriction or would the bandwidth come out of voda (unlimited)?

10-23-2010, 05:16 PM
You do not understand what Moonfruit is all about, apparently, Kelsey .....

There is no way to "connect" your hosting account at VodaHost to anything at Moonfruit, and there is no issue about bandwidth: bandwidth is a specific feature of service offered by a server for a hosting account entirely. Either you host with VodaHost or with Moonfruit, you must choose.

I looked at the web builder they offer, and quite frankly, it lacks nearly 65% of the features Blue Voda offers, so I for one fail to see what you are hoping to gain --- especially when they offer only 1.5 gb of storage (unlimited at VodaHost), 5 email accounts (unlimited at VodaHost), only 60 gb of bandwidth (unlimited at VodaHost), a basic web building tool (Blue Voda has nearly 2x as many features) .... all at twice the annual price as what you currently enjoy at VodaHost ($189/yr vs. $95.40/yr at VH).

What sense is that? And you have no idea about what kind of control panel they offer, or whether or not they even have all the extras offered as VodaHost offers via Fantastico!

I don't get it .... maybe you can enlighten me?

10-23-2010, 07:06 PM
As a newbie to the world of web design, I am intrigued by the speed with which you can create a professional and good looking website.

I am very happy with VodaHost and have a number of domains hosted with them (I especially appreciate the unlimited email accounts and storage space) and understand they offer a good number of features with their website builder, however, I've been using the BV builder for about a year and as a beginner website builder with limited time, have not been able to get results that look as professional as I can with moonfruit in much less time.

To clarify my original question (and keeping in mind I understand just the very basics of how bandwidth works):

In order to use an existing domain name with without transferring it - they ask you to point your DNS A-record to an IP address of one of their servers. My question is - if I did that does that mean I am now restricted to their bandwidth limits? Or is it still based on my VodaHost limits (unlimited)?

Thank you to anyone who can help me understand this better!

10-23-2010, 07:30 PM
If you "point" your domain to a hosting account at Moonfruit, then you will be subject to the levels of services they state. The DOMAIN name is simply an identifier ..... your hosting account is the physical source of your website, and is restricted to any parameters set thereupon.
That is why I pointed out the differences between the HOSTING providers above.

I simply find it interesting why you would prefer to pay twice as much for half the benefit, under the apparent guise of producing websites "faster" and "easier" even though with fewer features and their ads on your site that you have no say in allowing or not.