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11-05-2010, 11:25 PM
Hi guys,
I like bloging and I update it almost daily. A friend of mine told me that this constant update along with good content would be good for my site in terms of SE's. Here's my blog: http://newzealandandbrazil.blogspot.com/

He also said that it would be even better if I have a Wordpress blog.

Therefore I have a couple of questions:

1) Is it a good idea to have then: www.mydomain.com/blog ?

2) I have about 700 posts in my blog! Can I import the posts (above blog address) to wordpress once I create the new blog, so I don't lose all my hard work?

Many thanks in advance,

11-05-2010, 11:47 PM
1. Giving your blog a domain of its own (as an Add-On domain to your VH hosting account) is the best way to get the coveted SE valuatiojns, as it is a true Net address and unique content directory. Simply using Fantastico to install a Wordpress blog into a created directory to your exisitng domain is much better than installing it to a sub-domain ... for two reasons: A. Wordpress blog, wherever it is installed, is a highly optimal SE-driven platform, and will create great dynamics by itself; B. IF you are actively blogging on it, although it is a separate "foundation" than your Primary domain, it still counts toward 'unique content/updated content' baselines for the Primary. The only real nitty-gritty issue emerges when trying to get all the juice out of your sitemap, as Wordpress has tools built in already, and any sitemap installed on your Primary domain may conflict functionally with it. You should NOT eliminate your sitemap installed on your Primary website, in any case, but update it religiously whenever you update any page in that site itself --- let the Wordpress function semi-independently as it should.

2. Yes, you can back up your database of your existing blog and populate your DB from backup onto a new installation, but only Wordpress to Wordpress. Blogspot is not Wordpress, so this will not take.
I would be planning on doing a lot of Copy+Paste into Word or something, to preserve your Content, and then merely pasting it into your Wordpress as if a new article once your installation is ready.

Wish there was another way, but as you know, Honda parts don't really work on Mercedes!