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04-05-2006, 01:30 AM
I made a common mistake when initially creating my site...I have been submitting my site as lost-angelz.com when I should have been submitting my site as www.lost-angelz.com (http://www.lost-angelz.com) and now search engines such as google wont index me because i have multiple indexes..so i created a 301 redirect as google instructed...but that redirect from lost-angelz.com to www.lost-angelz.com (http://www.lost-angelz.com) causes my site not to open...basically the 301 redirect wont allow my index page to open...what can i do to correct the situation...I really need for search engines to return my site in results but as long as i have multiple indexes they wont...how do i get rid of the improper format and enforce the proper format so that the 301 redirect doesnt make my site come up unavailable?

09-07-2006, 05:52 PM
Also, if you use certain hosts such as office live, you should make you add the complete address. For example, http://www.blacktrump4life.com/default.aspx. I had problems getting indexed initially too. I heard that redirects actually hurt your page ranking,so be careful.

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09-07-2006, 06:00 PM
Actually - you just made an error and left off part of the address - you shouldn't need a redirect - as it's not a different site - or to resubmit - just get your site out there the correct way with links back, articles, etc.

By the way - both ways you mentioned are the same address and Google is smart enough to recognize that. If you check on Google - you will find they are indexing you - have 25 pages - look here:
You haven't done anything wrong.

09-13-2006, 05:04 PM
This is an extremely old thread... http://www.lost-angelz.com is now under new management, Everything is under control...thanks for the help anyways