View Full Version : Lightbox problem

11-17-2010, 09:30 PM
After adding images to the lightbox and then previewing the form I get a warning tone and a message bar warning of running an active x control.
If I ignore the warning and click on a picture the picture enlarges just as it should.
If I say, allow the active x control to run. and then click on a picture, the picture comes up first looking weird and then ending up huge. So I don't want the active x control to run but I don't want to see the message bar with the warning either. Why is the message bar coming up and how do I stop it.
I really don't want to stop all message bar warnings as some of them may be valid.
Why is this happening with the lightbox?

11-17-2010, 10:06 PM
Lightbox is a script, one that uses Active X controls to function properly.
Because you are merely using PREVIEW to "preview" your pages (which are not yet published) the browser will always indicate that an additional script is trying to run on the unpublished, locally-resident document (web page) you are asking the browser to render.
This Active X alert will always present itself when using a browser to PREVIEW any web page created in Blue Voda with scripts, just as it is seen when your page has Lightbox installed on it, a Dynamic Menu Navigation bar, or other scripts including Media files.
NO BIG DEAL .... click "Allow" and "Yes/Run" (confirm) to allow it to function properly.

As far as your comments on "weird" looking images, no one can offer any suggestions until you actually PUBLISH your Blue Voda pages to a VodaHost server assigned to you with a paid hosting account and we can actually SEE what it is you are having issue with.