View Full Version : Problems with "Mail this site/page to a friend" button

11-20-2010, 02:27 AM
I have created a mail this site/page button to a friend. However when opening it the following errors:

1. The dialogue box opens to a very small size and on Internet Explorer 8 you cannot resize the dialogue box, though you can in Mozilla Firefox.

2. Some of the fields will not accept data input. Check out the one on my home page as an example http://www.lightthefireministries.org.za (http://www.lightthefireministries.org.za/). This is only the case with some of the buttons on different pages - not all of them.

3. I tested 2 of these buttons and send a tell a friend message to my gmail address and did not receive an email. Though it accepted the data and completed the process it is not working.

Please help!