View Full Version : IFrame and menu bar problem

01-11-2011, 08:00 PM
Hi there,

I am novice to web building but find BV really intuitive and the help available here seems fantastic. I have managed to create the guts of a website already but I have ran into a problem.

I want to display different flash slideshows in the main body of the pages and saw someone else using Iframes to do this. This was working well for me until I noticed in IE browser that the sub menu items (when you hover over "Galleries") were being covered by the IFrame content. This was not happening for me in Firefox on my own PC but on another PC it was occuring with IE, FF and Chrome. I have tried to bring the menu to the front to no avail and tried other fonts and still no luck.

I suppose I could try getting the flash to work on the site without an Iframe (is this what Iframes are for ?) but it works really well as is so if I could solve the menu hiding it would be great.

Any help very much appreciated !