View Full Version : iFrame Linking Problem

01-22-2011, 09:32 AM
hi, sorry if its the wrong section but i want to ask a question hope i can make you guys understand and you can assist me further on that.

i have two domains abc.com and abc.net
am working in bluevoda version 11. purpose is that i dont want loose my webpage title or address and want to show my abc.net domain into abc.com so for this if i use iFrame then it open fine but iFrame's canvas are locked with the given size and scroll bars are hidden so no one knows which site he's browsing .net or .com coz they show into same domain with iframe without changing address of the page or title of the page.
but if we open another page of the web which is not equal size to iFrame then bars appear or if size if smaller then iframe then empty space on whole page is visible :/ ofcourse its gonna be like that but is there any way that i can do this without iframe or if with iframe then how or anything to help ?

again i want to show a whole domain into domain without loosing or changing 1st web url & title. if i do with iframe then size of iframe creates problems about empty space or scroll bar.
so please help me out.
really thanks for your time