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02-11-2011, 11:27 PM
Hi - I have a video stored in mp4 format on Amazon S3 that I need to install on my website - the code that Amazon provide is this:


how do I insert this? I only know how to embed with html code so I'm not sure if this is flash/script/java etc - can you help?


02-12-2011, 12:01 AM
1. Right-click on the link above itself, SAVE TARGET AS and give it a short, SEO-meaningful title (without spaces) of your own, saving it to your computer.
2. Upload the MPG file from your computer to your public_html/ directory.
3. In Blue Voda, INSERT >> ADVANCED >> QuickTime to create a QuickTime Media Box on your page.
4. Double-click on the QuickTime Box on your page and enter the link to your uploaded file where required ( example: http://www.YourDomain.com/retail-video.mpg).
5. Re-position the QuickTime Box on your page where desired according to how the top-left corner of the box registers as the reference points in the X-Y Axis tool in the lower-right BV workpane.

The QuickTime player will display on your page according to the default size, or to the settings you configure specially.

02-12-2011, 05:15 PM
Thank you so much for that detailed and easy to follow response.

I have done exactly as you suggested, but the file is very large (140mb) and when I load the page, it just doesn't load the video at all (well not in the last 10 mins anyway!). (http://luxuryvacationsforever.com/hiddenpath.html)

Is this the only way or can I link to the Amazon site?

Thank your for your help with this,

02-12-2011, 06:44 PM
Large files as you mention usually indicate a longer playing video, and the Rule of Thumb is videos longer than 4 minutes are not actually suited for a website to display as part of a site itself: it would be better to allow the player to display on the Visitors monitor instead and not be an element to load on your pages.

As long as you have the original MPG file on your local system, you should Google for a "free MPG to WMV video converter" tool and COPY your file and RE-SAVE the copy as a WMV video file, which will then allow you to upload this newly formatted WMV file to your public_html/ directory so that when Visitors click on a link (a regualr hyperlink, either presented as simple text or as an image that has been linked) the Windows Media Player will then open on their system to allow the file to download and play independently of your website.

If you definitely wish to have the video file play on your site in a player, there are yet other ways to get around the file size and loading issues:
1. Create a YouTube Account for your business/website, upload the file to YouTube and then simply use the embed link to paste into a BV HTML Box to play the YouTube hosted video file;
2. Create a Viemo Account and dupicate the same process as above (Vimeo.com has somewhat a smaller internet footprint, which allows you to "rise" faster in favor amongst the pool of posted videos; also, vimeo does not have the same prominency of a watermark across the video as it plays).
3. Google for a "free video to flash converter" tool, and convert your MPG file to Flash, following the same procedure originally mentioned but pasting the link to the uploaded Flash file into a BV FLASH Box. Flash video files are more compressed, and rely upon a different technology to play and transfer, which is often cleaner and faster than standard Media files.

However you decide, Blue Voda makes it easy to incorporate Media Files as an integral element to your websites.

02-14-2011, 11:15 PM
Thanks again for the additional info - very much appreciated.
Listening to you and seeing the results, I don't think I want to host it directly.

I use Windows Movie Maker anyway but for some reason it wouldn't convert the file - got to 99% and then hung, so I think there must be some restrictions on it, even though we have been given rights to download. I have hosted it with Amazon (Jeez that's not an easy website!) - I made the video "public" thinking I could just paste the code and link it into a jpg, but it doesn't work.

Hey ho, I'm still trying but have given up for tonight!!