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03-05-2011, 04:09 PM
I have a menu bar in my site, and I would change it with Lucida Console Text because Papyrus is not supported by Windows 7.

My menu bar is created with "Menu Bar" tool ...

I have problems because, changing font, I don't be able to fit exactly the lenght oh the bar with the lenght of the page ...

I have set the font size on "11", and I have set the BorderWidth to 5, but isn't also correct ...

I don't understand why changing "Padding" options, there isno effect ????

There is a way to fit and set exactly the lenght of a Menu Bar?

P.S. I don't remember the command for "Paste in Place", may help me?

Thank you, Stefano Fazion

03-05-2011, 04:23 PM
It is expected that you provide a URL to the website in question as outlined in and required by Forum protocol 'How To Ask For Assistance (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/general-support-issues/3743-assistance.html)' so your issue can be reviewed properly to determine the specific solution.

1. It has nothing to do with Windows7 ... it is simply due to your system not being loaded with the font file. You can add the font manually, if need be, which you can find by searching online.
2. Menubars will automatically fit the font specified and will "pad" as defined. If you need more space between the entries themselves, simply add 'spaces' after typing the text in the entry field of the Menu Dialog.
3. If you need specific spacing other than outlined above, experiment with it to find out how to best manage a Menu on your particular system.
4. To 'paste in place' you must use the Copy icon in the top toolbar of Blue Voda (after clikcing once on the object, to highlight), and then the Paste icon (looks like a clipboard). This will duplicate the exact positioning of the copied item, useful for page-to-page duplication of Menu systems, formatting, etc.

All of the above clarifications are seen in the Tutorials (http://www.vodahost.com/web-hosting-helpcenter/video-tutorials/), which are a ready resource that does not require you to wait for a reply.