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03-22-2011, 04:36 PM

http://www.latterrain.biz/sermons.html is my website page. Please take a look at the videos at the bottom of the page and tell me what is the best way to embed some video or the video links to the page without slowing it down so much. I want to put about 10 sermon videos up at one time but I know it will slow down the page if I embed them with WM player from youtube.

What can I do. Help Please! If I can hide the video and just have the icon and text there to click and then view the video that is what I prefer.


Alien Dude
03-22-2011, 04:50 PM
The use of an iframe and a menu made up of screen shots of each video.
Images could be around 100x100pix each each image link that so when clicked bring the named video into the iframe placed on the gray square area of yopur page.
would mean having extra pages but you only have to have the video on them,
each Video should be placed on the page top left sized to the size you require.
make page size the same or just bigger than video, and centre in page properties.

Another way if you have the original video is go for a video player that comes with a playlist.

03-22-2011, 05:11 PM
am sorry I am so lost. can you break that down for me a little please.

thanks for your response i really appreciate it.


Alien Dude
03-23-2011, 03:00 PM
This is only a basic way of doing this there are other ways but ill try and explain the basic one.

Ok here goes, On your page you want to show your video put a iframe on using the tool in the tool bar, or insert/advanced/inline frame.
Size the iframe to the size you require, just smaller than the gray box on that page.

Now open the iframe properties by double clicking on it, in the name box enter the name you wish to use ( i used videos ), in the scrollbars dropdown box make this Never. Click ok
Now make your images for the links ( ive used snap shots of each video ) resize the images to your desired size in a photo editing software Paint.net is a good free one. Do not put the full image onto the bluevoda page and reduce the size using the handles as this will not reduce the image and will slow down load time of the page.
Once you have done your images place on the page and align and space correctly.

Next you need to make the pages that will have the videos on. So depending on how many you have open a new page with nothing on it.
Open page properties and make the size of the page just smaller than the iframe you put on the video page, while in page properties set the page to centre in browser. Click OK

Now put a YouTube on the page, you will notice that the page is mostly in top left this is ok and what we want, size the YouTube box to fit inside the page area, open the youtube box properties and in the URL for your first video from youtube, this is the short URL and not the long one seen in the browser bar, and can be seen by clicking the embed button. Also make sure the size is set to user defined, click ok

You can save that page name it like vid1, after saving click file then save as rename to vid2, then all you have to do is enter a new video URL in the youtube box, repeat this as many time as necessary.
So if you have 10 videos you should have 10 pages named vid1 vid2 vid3 and so on you can now publish all your video pages.

Next go back to your video page and in each image double click it to bring up the properties, click the link tab in the URL enter the name you gave first video page like vid1.html or the full url http://www.yoursite.com/vid1.html.
in the Target box TYPE in the name you gave the iframe right at the beginning, repeat this for all images.

Lastly publish your page and check everything is ok.
If it does it should look something like this. Demo (http://externaltileshop.co.uk/testing/)