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04-12-2006, 06:37 PM
Well I really feeling like giving up and going home! My goal for my first site, which has been live for 10 months now, is to get it up to page rank 4 - it is currently 3 (which I am very pleased about). I have done everything everyone suggests, but it stays stubbornly put at 3.

I put a new site live at the beginning of March. This site is much much smaller (18 pages opposed to 80), it is on a subject very very common. I have no inbound links to speak of, although I have had a few articles published which point to the site (but no more than I have to the first one!). I have about 40 unique visitors a day if I am lucky. And I have just found it has a page rank of 4!

Instead of being delighted I have my head in my hands wondering what on earth is going on at Google? Best I can come up with is that it is an absolute lottery as to what gets bumped up and down with them!

If anyone can explain why this one is more successful than the other please let me know as I will do 100 more!

A very frustrated...

04-13-2006, 12:54 AM
Personally - don't worry about your page rank - just worry about having the best site for your customers/users. No one understands the Google page rank and Google likes it that way. But, somethings that are understood about it - Google like pages and websites that are easy to read and easily navigable with everything working properly. Google does check for spelling and grammar errors. Google like links to your pages that have your keywords in the anchor text. Google gives more weight to incoming linking than Yahoo or MSN do - but it's a factor with all of them.

They all like to see that pages get fresh content - but the spiders are smart enough to know if the content is relevant or not.

And, by the way, the site with a higher page rank - will not necessarily come up in searches done on Google - because no matter the rank, Google will still "sandbox" it (in most cases).

I looked at your new site and it has a lot of good copy - written in your words - not copied from anyone else's website. Google really likes that.

Now, I will say - be happy with a 3 on the other site - and one day, you'll have a 4 or 5 and won't even see it coming.

I have a website - 3 weeks after I started it - an INSIDE page got a Google ranking of 3 - and it was 8 months before my home page got ranked at all. I never did figure that one out. But I just made sure I had the best site I could for my customers (and it will be even better when it moves over to Voda!)