View Full Version : Download and Edit a Shoholaunch template

04-14-2006, 11:53 PM
PLease can someone tell me how to download my default soholaunch template to my computer to edit it. I need to know what file to look for. I think I know how to download it. In cpanel i cannot find the main template file that the site builds itself on. I am real new at all this.
Also would this be of any copyright infringement if I changed the main template itself, as i cannot find any that I really liked. I am using the


04-15-2006, 05:56 AM
Soho templates are a set of images. the header f.e. is made from 4 - 6 images. The left and right ones are usualy simple rectangles with only a few pixels width that are then streched automaticaly on every visitors monitor, to cover all the frame wisth. You can find which ones are relevent to your own template by viewing the source code of your page. In this source code you can see the path (the folder in your site where the image is stored in the Soholaunch template) and the image name. You will have to download all of them and edit (or completely replace) them , then have them saved in your computer and re-uploaded in the same path and under the same name. Quite difficult. It would be better if you can create a new template using Soho's Template Creator or getting one ready from Soholaunch website