View Full Version : Quicktime hijacks MP3 files uploaded using Windows Media Player

01-29-2013, 05:42 AM
I make all my music available for free download on my www.hop-nm.org (http://www.hop-nm.org) website. People are telling me that they are no longer able to download the songs. I place my mp3 files on my webpages using the Windows Media Player button. After I publish the web page the Windows Media Player button becomes a QuickTime progress bar. When I click on the progress bar to download the song, it provides the following three options: About QuickTime Plug-in, Save As Source, and Save As QuickTime Movie. It does not provide the option to download an MP3 or any audio file. If I click on Save As QuickTime Movie, it tells me that the Feature requires QuickTime 7 Pro and it asks me if I want to purchase it. I used to be able to download these songs to Windows Media Player or Real Player on my computer without a problem until Quicktime hijacked my MP3 files. How do I correct this problem?

01-29-2013, 09:01 AM
It is not a "problem" that needs correction.

MP formatting (MP3, MP4) was originally an iOS format and not universally functional across Windows systems, which is why QuickTime evolved as the "universal" substitute. When you upload an MP3 file and configure it to play using a Windows Player, BlueVoda will immediately default to QuickTime to provide the optimal format.

You can bypass this seamless substitution by simply using the QuickTime Player in BlueVoda for all MP formats (video and audio) instead of the Windows Media Player Box.

If a User system is being loaded with a QuickTime Player by the server, it will automatically detect the last update and/or version on that User System and either suggest downloading the newest Free version to play the file in que, or to upgrade to the more compatible version in release. If your system is getting these messages, it is merely an indication that your system version may be out of date.

Nothing is being "hijacked" or compromised at all: you are merely being informed of the more proper manner in which to view the selected file (and offered hindsight as to how to best format your webpage and resources).