View Full Version : Keyword Help.

05-06-2006, 12:28 AM
Howdy Diddly Doodly! I used the keyword digger and i have three questions regarding keywords.

1) Does each individual word have to be seperated by a comma or are two word keyword entries left with a space in between and then a comma?
Example( ...,softball tournaments,...) or (...,softball,tournaments,...)

2) The keyword digger gave me alot words all of which are relevant with a search for my website. Is there a maximum number i can use or can i use them all.

3) And finally, is there a way of arranging the keywords to better your sites posting on the search pages? Ideally i would at least like to be in the top 20 or first page of the search engine results! Any advice, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, Theopod.