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07-10-2013, 06:50 AM
How do I create a lightbox video. I would like visitors to click on an image (one that says watch video with a cute little graphic) and have my youtube video show up as a lightbox video. I am seeing this on many sites these days including facebook but also on smaller scale such as my competitors. Can we do this via blue voda or do we need an outside script?

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07-10-2013, 06:57 PM
need an outside scriptSeems rather obvious, since there is no such tool included in BlueVoda, yes?

This CMS/Wordpress plugin has become popular as a means to minimize page space and to keep visitors on the same page without advancing to another with an embedded player, but it is not exactly the most preferred nor stable function to offer (especially for devices such a phones, Tablets, etc.), as it requires more dependency upon pre-loading the Viewer's browser (which may or may not be up to date or be the type capable of such RAM requirements as in the case of most Android browsers) rather than playing simply from optimized file directly. The preference of embedded players can be confirmed by the major streaming sites that use embedded players specifically to serve the majority of viewers with differing platforms, a growing number of which are strictly mobile device Users.

Do a Google Search for a suitable script if you still want to pursue this optional video presentation.