View Full Version : Adding Navigation Buttons?

Joyce GaddyEnlow
09-21-2013, 05:40 AM
Is there a glitch in the BlueVoda program? I've been trying to get the navigation buttons added to my club's page for days and days. I've already reinstalled the program and that didn't work. I just get a white box that says "selected button image not found". I've also watched all the tutorials but they are bank on that button working and it doesn't. Can anyone help? I'm desperate. I've promised a National club I'd have this website done this week since I've used the program to build two other websites... thought it would work as it always did.
Thanks for any advice.

Joyce GaddyEnlow
09-21-2013, 08:00 AM
I'm still having the same problem. I did do a complete uninstall of BV willing to risk having to start over to get things to work as they should. I've now downloaded the program once again. Now, having done that, I still get the same white box saying "selected button image not found" My domain is: www.porcelaineclubofamerica.org (http://www.porcelaineclubofamerica.org)