View Full Version : Appears something strange: " index of / "

11-06-2013, 07:56 AM
My site is www.portalul-tau.com (http://www.portalul-tau.com) whom I've published it on Google search engine on 3 November. This site is an addon.
On the search in the browser appears something strange: "index of /". Normally need to appear the title or description.
How can I solve this problem?
I thank you in advance!http://www.portalul-tau.com/atasament.html

11-06-2013, 08:33 AM
The Search Return is merely showing the last cached indexing of your hosting account, which in this case reflects you not yet having published a page (especially an "index" page) and is simply showing the Root Directory Index of the hosting account as "index of/" with no pages listed.

It is only a matter of a short time before the Search Engines make a regular return to index your site fully for it to discover the pages that have been since been published and to then add them to their cached version of your Domain and Hosting account. Be patient - the normal Search Engine Indexing Cycle is usually 28-40 days and never as immediate as your expectations ....

Another common mistake is to create and/or install a XML sitemap before all the pages have been published, as this specifically limits the Search engines as they attempt to index the site -- the empty XML sitemap does not have any pages listed nor does it show any navigation to follow (let alone report any missing pages or broken links), and this all results in nothing to cache but an empty Directory listing ... the infamous "index of /"

Remember also, to refresh your browser so it loads any new results that an older cached page version in your local system does not show.