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Four Paws
05-10-2006, 01:44 AM
I have a rather long form, http://www.fourpawsplay.com/enrollment_forms.html

need to know which is the best setting, text only, multipart or application. When I used multipart I got an empty folder, with text only it only gives me the answer, how do I show the complete field? Also, they don't show up in the same order as on the form, I noticed that it is usually fields I have added out of sequence from the original.

Lastly, if someone could point me to some more info on getting this info into a basic data base, I'm guessing an Excel file so I can import it into Outlook unless someone has a better idea. Appreciate any guidance

05-10-2006, 01:57 AM
Greetings Four Paws,

Having looked at the code for your form there are a few things to talk about. First- I would suggest a php mailto form. Yours is set as a mailto which gets sent via an e-mail program such as MS Outlook. Php is better and will facilitate your being able to process the info into a database.

For the php mailto form I suggest you take a look at this tutorial;

If you need field validation- then try this one (only after you firmly grasp the first one);

After reading these- you will see why most of your fields are not showing up (all still have their default field name: T1

Try this and then post back should you have any questions.