View Full Version : Aligning Templates & adding Widgets

05-26-2014, 11:56 PM
Hi from Australia....

I am re-designing my web-site in BlueVoda again but I am experiencing the same problem as my previous efforts to colour and align my template background.

Please see my existing web-site (not designed in blud-voda) www.medilend.com.au (http://www.medilend.com.au/), You will see the template is light grey with a white line on the top of the page where the blue header menus are. How do I do a similar design in BlueVoda?

In BlueVoda I am able to colour the back-ground & centre the page.....but I would also like the white line/space in for the header-menus in this template as per my existing design. If I try do accomplish this via inserting a shape...it never aligns across the total screen in preview, it only aligns it-self within the page size parameters?? help please.

I would also like to add the following widgets from the following web-site, http://100widgets.com (http://100widgets.com/)

Where do I enter the code and does BlueVoda supply any widgets or clip-art pictures?

Thanks again