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08-25-2014, 02:36 AM
Good Day, my name is Nwanza, my URL is www.americanstylehomestt.com (http://www.americanstylehomestt.com) and my youtube video is not showing on my site no matter what method I use from the many ones available, the problem page is www.americanstylehomestt.com/home.html (http://www.americanstylehomestt.com/home.html) . Your assistance is greatly needed as I am on a strict time line, for reference my youtube video link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvGeEmcGHfg . Thank You!

08-25-2014, 08:54 AM
In your BlueVoda Workpane:
1. Click on the YouTube Icon on the left Toolbar;
2. Double-click on the YouTube Player that has been inserted on your page to open Player Properties;
3. In Player Properties, Enter the Video "Share" Link/URL: http://youtube.com/v/xvGeEmcGHfg (which you must 'modify' from the YouTube provided "Share" link http://youtu (http://<font color=&quot;#ff0000&quot;>youtu</font>).be/xvGeEmcGHfg >> to "mirror" the sample URL pre-inserted in the BlueVoda YouTube Player >> http://youtu (http://<font color=&quot;#ff0000&quot;>youtu</font>)be.com/v/xvGeEmcGHfg );
4. SAVE your page;
5. PUBLISH your page.