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Granite Engraver
03-08-2015, 01:23 PM
I have followed the options in the publishing facility,and published all anxious to see what it looks like.
This has published some pages which are incomplete - this is not ideal.

Also on my index page I have a conveyor belt of 5 photos of work I have done, it shows nicely in preview, but on opening the site for the first time in Firefox it does not show the conveyor belt operative. Where have I gone wrong please.

The site is www.granitephotoengravers.com (http://www.granitephotoengravers.com)

Thank you

03-08-2015, 08:47 PM
You must Publish pages created with BlueVoda using only the Publish function via the Toolbar Command or Toolbar Icon ... you cannot "upload" a ".bvp" file, as it needs to be un-encrypted during the Publish Process by a VodaHost Server. Seems your pages are "empty" due to this gaffe in improper manner of "Publishing" .... unless you purposely Published empty pages as 'placeholder pages' for whatever reason.

You can publish as many or as few pages as you wish, assured that each time you re-publish a page it will over-write the previously published version to show all your updated work (be sure to Refresh your Browser in order to load the latest page version!). To remove the page entirely, however, you will need to manually delete the file from the server via FILE MANAGER in cPanel, or, via BlueFTP (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/saving-naming-previewing-publishing/9366-how-use-blueftp.html).

As for your Conveyor issues ....

1. Image Titles must not have any spaces, punctuation marks, or symbols. Use an underscore (_) or a dash (-) rather than blank spaces.

2. Images must all be exactly the same size, and sized precisely the same size as the "display" in your page's BlueVoda Workpane, otherwise the image itself cannot be "recalled" to fit within the Player.

3. Images must all be "Published" via the Conveyor itself. Be sure the settings reflect this.

*Quite frankly, you would likely get better results across all Browsers using the Ad Banner Rotator instead of Conveyor, as it has the same functionality and transitions, but operates much cleaner (the Conveyor's code is very large and "heavy" on the page, whereas Ad Banner Rotator is very "light") and smoother, and may be easier for you to intuitively configure .... try it and see if this is not so.
Even I prefer the Ad Banner Rotator, as seen here (http://www.luxurythemagazine.com) ​on one of my sites.

Granite Engraver
03-09-2015, 09:27 AM
Thank you for the advice - I only know how to publish pages as per the video tutorial I watched, which points to the icon in the toolbar - this was used to publish, having selected the ALL option.
I have only the index page complete for publishing, some other pages only half ready - so not for publishing - my question is thus how to publish only the index page, and not the half completed pages which have been named - which option provided by the publishing function from the toolbar would I select to publish only the index page?
visited your site (is this a Blue Voda built site?) - very beautiful!
Will be using the add banner rotator
Thank you
thank you
thank you

Thank you

03-10-2015, 04:04 AM
You can publish only one page opened in BlueVoda at a time (just as you can only view one page at a time in your BlueVoda Workpane), and only one that has been Saved in your BlueVoda folder .... and, since each page must be Titled singularly, there is no possibility of pages "transposing" when publishing.

Like I stated earlier, you can publish a page (finished or not) knowing that if you publish it successively after each update, those updates will "over-write" the previously published page to show your latest version. Just remember to refresh your Browser to load the latest page version.

Go for it!
Start publishing pages, to see how they look, and more importantly to make sure they are all properly linked, named, the Navigation is complete, the pages have continuity, etc.

And yes, they are my BV sites prior to imminent migration to a custom Enterprise Level commercial platform ...