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07-23-2015, 10:02 PM
The mobile shopping cart seems to want to create ONE PayPal "Buy now" button at the top of the shopping cart -- but most products have size and color options. I don't understand how ONE PayPal button at the top of the shopping cart can allow customers to choose from multiple products with multiple options and buy them! Also, "buy now" only allows purchase of ONE item--you can't add multiple items to a cart with a "buy now" button, but there IS no option for an "add to cart" PayPal button.

If I try incorporating html code for an existing "addiin the "product information" section where you add/manage products, it just prints the whole code under the product description, or if I substitute that code for the "buy now" code built into the mobile web builder, it agaun puts one button at the top with one set of options, which won't work for all products. I guess I'm not understanding how this "mobile" set-up is supposed to work, but just can't figure out how people are supposed to purchase our products direct from the mobile site with the set-up options I see offered.

Anybody have any advice?

07-24-2015, 01:48 PM
The "Shopping Cart" feature doesn't support nested products.

In order to cover all product options you will need to add a product for each combination i.e. "blue bag" or add a product description listing all available options and let customers enter comments when they are ordering so they can specify color or any other option they wish to purchase.