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05-15-2006, 05:28 PM
Hi all,

First, I sure hope I'm asking my questions in the right forum- if not, forgive me!

I downloaded BlueVoda and have been browsing for a couple days now to the point I've tied myself into knots of confusion and...uhhh TERRRROR! Any and all help will be MOST appreciated!

My initial questions:

1. I am going to build a BUSINESS sight- Color therapy, which will "sell" distance therapy sessions, offer local workshops, sell artworks, photography, aromatherapy, and jewelry all related to the concept of "color healing.".....I don't know if I should build a site from BlueVoda or Soholaunch- what is the difference? I can't seems to see it, perhaps I've been looking TOO hard.

2. I have laid out my website pages on paper, and I want my first page to have either "flash" or whatever that is, "swish" and am trying to determine the difference between the two. And not sure I can do this with either product. I know what I want it to look like-a template one can purchase (which will take me hours to find again) is similar but I want different colors so I know I'd need to build my own. Essentially it's a picture of a woman who "sparkles", as one is reading the page. Would anyone like to help me get THIS figured out?

3. I'd also like my pages to "fade open" like the gal who has www.girlonthehill.co.uk (http://www.girlonthehill.co.uk) (if you read this, hey, I love your website!) How?

MAYBE what I'm asking here is for someone, maybe just one person, to help me along - as a tutor, so to speak, someone I can turn to with questions as I go on in building my sight.

I guess we all have our own reasons for doing it ourselves- mine is that I'm on disability and can't afford someone to do it for me...plus I want my pages built how I like them, not how someoone else thinks they should be. Any takers? Once I get this together, I'd certainly be willing to offer barter!

Thanks so much for reading all this, hope I'm making sense here!

Life Is Good!

05-15-2006, 06:14 PM
1. BV is far more easy and allows for extensive customisation
2. Soholaunch is a good builder, but will not allow easily for template creation. In BV you can put anything.
3. It's called "Page transitions". Only available in BV, not Soho

If you decide to go on with BV, watch the tutorials (plenty of them) and then, whenever you have questions, post and you are gonna get your answers.