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11-19-2015, 07:22 PM
I've had a website with Vodahost for some time and I'm pretty comfortable using the Bluevoda website builder program. I want to create a new fashion ecommerce site and thought I would use Soholaunch but I don't see a template that would meet my needs. I looked at the templates available through Zencart and I would like to use this one; http://www.templatehelp.com/preset/pr_preview.php?i=52383&pr_code=z6kE3jSbnYztA9KlWlwRj8Cb702DWV

Would I be editing that template in Bluevoda or Zencart?
Can the pictures be replaced?

Anything else that you can tell me about this would be very appreciated.


11-20-2015, 03:06 AM
The Template you mention above is a WooCommerce for Wordpress Theme, and not a Zen Cart Theme.

You need to know how to customize Wordpress and/or modify PHP to an average degree in order to fully customize and configure this theme to your desire.

My advice is if you are quite committed to this Theme that you simply let TemplateTuning (http://www.templatetuning.com/search/page1.html?keyword=52383) (the customization service offered by the sellers of the Theme/Template) do it for you for the reasonable price they ask. At least then you have a "warranty" aspect to return to if something goes wrong or if you want any additional customizations added in the future ...