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05-16-2006, 02:06 PM
Firstly I am having trouble linking to other sites, is there a right way to approach people and a wrong way?

Also my main question is, do you get the same advantage even if you do not put a link back to their site, or is it better to link back to them, which does the seo pick up on the best?

New to this so excuse the way I have worded the question.

Thanks Paul

05-16-2006, 02:28 PM
hi im not to sure waht you are trying to achiev s it get your site banner etc on another site so people can link back to you so you get more recognised by search engines? if so well i can only give a little advice like maybe join some forums and place your link in them preferably in connection with the type of product you have and secondly just ask other people you may meet on here with the same kind of service you have and ask them also i will say just keep putting your name out there, i have a lot of links back to me from some realy obscure places ive never heard of because i did some pay per click advertising so jst keep on plugging away time will tell. oh and i would say it is probably rude to not link back to them i suppose

05-16-2006, 04:31 PM
Whenever anyone links to you because they like your site - that one way link will be seen by se's more favorably than if you do reciprocal linking. However, that you have no real control over - but you can get reciprocal links - where you each place links. A text link will be seen more favorably by se's than a banner in most cases - banner's are better for advertising.

The words you link with - called the anchor text - is even more important - as if those are keywords people use to search for your site - they'll help your rankings for those keywords.

Hope this helps.

As to what works for linking - I suggest before you request a link, you take a look at the site you are requesting from - and place a link to their site FIRST - tell them you've done so - THEN request they link back.

And make sure the sites you are linking with are complimentary to your site, professional looking and are NOT link farms or just a jumbled mess of links on their link page. Those can actually hurt you with se's.

Good luck.

05-21-2006, 12:23 AM
Beth hit it right: SE's not only favor text linking, but RELEVANCY. Links are only the mechanics to establish that, as sites are evaluated by how cached pages are indexed.

Find other sites that have either featured product or content that is relevant/complimentary to your site or service. If possible, work a link to them in your text first, then ask for a reciprocal link in exchange....others will see this as less threatening to their visitors (they want to keep them there as long as possible - don't you with yours?) and can only increase their prestige amongst peers.....