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05-26-2006, 12:18 PM
Hi everyone, was pleased to see that Google have indexed my page is such a short time, but wondered roughly how long it might take for others to follow suite?

Have submitted and linked to others on the same day as Google.

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05-26-2006, 05:30 PM
No guarantees of when any of them will index you - some totally ignore you submitting to them - but don't index until they find you naturally - so having links out there to your site will bring them in - just like the link in your message. Keep the site fresh and with original content, and they'll index and keep coming back.

05-28-2006, 01:20 AM
I have submitted my site to many search engines and I have used several optimization tools and believe that the whole site is very relevant in all aspects but I don't believe I am indexed by any of the major search engines. I see pages out there that have WAAY less relevance than mine for the industry I am in and I am getting very frustrated. Bethers or anyone else out there willing to take a look and make some suggestions. How can I tell if I have been indexed? I am really lost but I have learned a ton about SEO and I think I am on the right track. The site has been up for about 9 months and I am getting very very minimal traffic. Mostly due to my advertising efforts locally.

Bethers????? Anyone who knows?????? Please help!

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-28-2006, 07:43 AM
Can you tell me how to know when your indexed? I am a newbie to most of these terms.
I figured if I do not ask, I will never learn

Thank you

05-28-2006, 01:46 PM
Hey, HEY, SugarPlum & Moto, and Richard too!

Check out this post I answerd to Terri earlier...(hope it helps!)...your specific answer is here, Sugar...

In answer to your question about how to overcome a percieved "under-rank" due to missed elements, fear not.
a. Go to your listing at Google (however far back it may be - find it) and right-click on the "cached pages"....this will show you what has been kept by the spiders. It will also show you the date, which indicates the monthly cycle of next appearance. The next time a spider appears, it is lightening fast, as it compares to the cached pages...LOOKING FOR CHANGES....

b. Dynamic changes or updates (especially on the main page and the "last" page) will force the spiders to examine your whole site for any content changes, updates, new links etc - all the while mirroring the cached pages. This slows the spider down, and it will look for structural reference throughout your site (relevancy) and one of the first things it does is look for a site "map." Everyone thinks a Google site map is a good thing to do, but truly it's not the best (it's just because it's free and readily available, because it's really a google marker...but not for ranking - read future marketing stats here, folks). What works tremendously well is the mapping device ***** provided late last year, which is just a different but extremely effective in making spiders re-examine the entire site structure....especially if you add or delete a single page (a neat little trick...even re name them). >>> so adding a site map is an excellent idea, more useful if, like your content, it is regularly updated or changed slightly.

Spiders, SE ranks, and key word development all share the same core concept of relevancy: relevancy of key/meta to content, content to title, and relevancy to searches. Interesting also, is the need to pay attention to the reciprocal links you place on your site, as they either add to that relevancy, or create an actual aversion for the spider to complete catalog....recognizing vain attempts to lure traffic with feigned (possibly conterfeit) structure.
This is becoming very apparent inasmuch they are re-writing programs to shield this very blog technique (seen as counterfeit content) from bending the link recognition protocols. It's gonna backfire, guys!!

** do not for one minute think that the SE's have abandoned natural traffic ranking with hyper-algorythms [sp.]....look at not only the popularity of affiliate marketing but how it is replacing content development as the basis of traffic "lanes" - both inward and outbound! People simply cannot "compose" well anymore, and are jumping on the internet bandwagon without a clearly defined concept. Content development is truly an art, and is so much to the core of a well thought out site. Sure keyword, title, etc are all important, but they are merely the dotting of the "i" and crossing of the "t" in formatting of a site - the shell.....content (words first, then items/utilities even) is the purpose, and that is also why it is so important to structure product descriptions as hyper-content (due to very limited space formatting fields - just now developing larger in some carts), and the reason php dynamic pages are almost all presentable as "static" content pages in carts nowadays (make sure they have duplicated html and php pages...some say html are dummy pages and unecessary, but I disagree).

So, go ahead, add a site map, re-submit 3 days after your spider is scheduled to come through (bump him up), and regularly(once a month) update your Main page content, and either add/retitle/significantly update or delete a page elsewhere to demonstrate dynamic relevancy of content to SE trait functions. And I am not afraid to submit via software at least 3 times a year...it makes them wonder what's up, and they come to take another look!

05-29-2006, 12:40 AM
Lots of ways to find out if you're indexed - I have a list of good sites to use for different things on one of the other threads here - with some tools that you help you.

But, on the major se's - type: site:www.youdomain.com and the pages they are indexing will usually show up.

Moto, Google indexed your home page on 5/20 - so yep, you're getting indexed.

Being indexed and coming up on searches are completely different things. And if you want the se's to index you - you NEED links TO your site - good ones from relevant places - not just putting links anywhere - that's a waste.

06-06-2006, 05:22 PM
I highly reccomend this tool for site submission also:


It's a free trial and works a dream!



06-07-2006, 01:41 AM
Submitting, if you really feel you have to - should only be done once - do NOT do it over and over again - so, since Voda will submit your site once - there's no need to keep doing it again.

SE's will not come just because you submit your site - they want to see a link (links) back to the site - and then traffic to the site - etc etc - as well as - and very important - when they do come - they need to see a professional, clean, site with very few, if any typos or grammatical errors.