View Full Version : BlueVoda 8.0: How to use bulleted lists

05-28-2006, 09:44 AM
You can add a bulleted list to your web page to set apart a list of items from the rest of the page of text.
The bulleted list is a combination of ordered (numbered) lists and unordered lists and supports the following styles:
Circle, Disc, Square, Numeric (1, 2, 3), Lower Alpha (a, b, c), Upper Alpha (A, B, C), Lower Roman (i, ii, iii), Upper Roman(I, II, III) and custom images. To insert a bulleted list into your page select Insert->Bulleted List. Next select the initial number of items and the bullet style.
Note that you can always change the bullet style to something else through the object's properties. Other properties of the bulleted lists, include Font, size, color and spacing and padding for the individual items.

How do I edit the text of a item?
Double click the item to edit the text. Formatting of the text works the same way as in a regular textbox.

How do I insert a new item?
Right click the bulleted list to display the context menu and select Insert Item.

How do I remove an item?
Right click the bulleted list to display the context menu and select Delete Item.

How do I select the next item using the keyboard?
Use the Tab key to go to the next item

How do I change the space between the bullet and the text?
When you move the mouse cursor between the bullet and the text you can drag the (invisible) border to increase of decrease the spacing.

Why does BlueVoda not use 'real' bullet tags in the output HTML?
Bulleted list are not cross browser compatible. This means that all browsers have their own way of displaying lists all with their own padding, line-spacing and other specific offsets.
It's impossible to generate a bulleted list using the standard <OL> <UL> tags in a way that is looks the same in all browsers. For this reason we've decided to use tables to simulated look and feel of bulleted lists.
This way we have much more control over the layout of the bulleted lists and we can be sure it looks (almost) the same of every browser.