View Full Version : Shift Key, Guides

Nite Producer
05-31-2006, 06:19 PM

The Blue Voda 8 is more better now.

Regarding the subject, I would like to say that most of people now are using Adobe softwares for their design, and everybody knows that Adobe is the best on that, BUT VODA GIVES MORE SERVICES AND CAPACITY THAN Adobe.

So, The shift key helps in Adobe software, to change the size of an object without destroying them if you get what I mean, yeah scale them horizontal and vertical in a same per cents.

The guides now are more better, so you can change their color and more setting for them are there. But one thing I would like to see, a transform Tab will help to do things more detailed like that one in Adobe Illustrator.

So do you know what I'm talking about or should I put more details.