View Full Version : Need advice on my first run at meta pages

06-04-2006, 12:53 AM
After looking through the tutorials and forums I made a run at setting up my meta pages. I would appreciate any advice as to whether or not I have done this correctly. My site is wildedgeconservationscience.org. Thank you!

06-04-2006, 01:14 AM
In your description tag, drop the "Home page for" words

Try not to start your Title with your name.

btw: I like your site................

06-04-2006, 02:02 AM
Should I avoid using the name in the TITLE on the home page too?

Also, I wasn't sure about the AUTHOR line. Do I list variations of names and the group? Or just list one name?

BTW: Thanks! This is my first attempt at building a website and I had a BLAST! (OK, at times a frustrating blast, but a blast just the same!) Anne

06-04-2006, 10:58 AM
Hi Anne:

Each page should have its own TITLE, your/company name can be in the title
, just don´t start with it....

DESCRIPTION should contain your key words used in your TITLE and your page content.

Search for all of Bethers recent posts and you can see many good examples.

Beth may even pop in shortly......

Dont´t worry too much about the Author line, put what you want......

Have fun