View Full Version : FMP works Now I have other questions, hope not stupid

06-30-2006, 07:54 PM
Yeah, FMP worked like a champ. I did the form dance this morning after doing a test. One thing I would like to tweak is... The thank you email sent to the customer letting them know what info they input in does not say who the email is from. I would like to have some kind of reminder who we are or they might look at it and say whats this, because that is what I did and it came from my site. I am not talking about the thank you page on the site, thats fine.
Next, I would like to know if the join emil form can show up on my home page (text boxes-name,email,and submit) so they don't have to click a link and be transferred to another page. I feel like they might feel more comfortable to join if they can see upfront what is going to be requested of them. I am flying by the seat of pants and am never really sure of what I am doing. I know we have really smart BV customers out there. Hope you can help!
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