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07-12-2005, 12:06 AM
www.gracelloyd.com (http://www.gracelloyd.com)
Resume services

www.gracelloyd.com (http://www.gracelloyd.com) is a company that provides a professional resume service to all clients seeking employment in any occupational setting and it is our wish to offer these services to any of your clients who are seeking to create a resume to assist them in acquiring a job of their choice worldwide.

We would service all your clients needs whether they are seeking employment in their home country or whether they wish to migrate. We aware of the need to secure employment in other countries when migrating and would create a resume suited to this.

With issues of disabilities and students etc we work on a reduced fee structure and would provide a package to suit their requirements worldwide. We would work on a referral fee for each client you offer us who requests our services.

In addition we have fresh advertising space available if you wish to promote your company in other parts of the world. There might also be an opportunity to establish an affiliation with us in recruitment services.

Please feel free to look over our website for further information. Please be aware at present the website is being updated on a daily basis.

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