View Full Version : Please help a newbie

07-04-2006, 01:14 AM
My experience in website building has been limited to static style pages linking to other pages I've built. I'm in the process of rebuilding my site here on Voda host and very impressed with the content available here.
I'm building Lageosreef as my personal page and I have been assigned the task of taking over and rebuilding of our club site. (NFMAS.org) in which I have already created an add=domain here on voda host, now just waiting to do the redirect on the domain to point to this server.
This site is interactive with registration, member login, lost password, and members can post pics once registered. I have no experience in script or data bases other than I have done a guest book on my old site that was basically a predetermined script that i just pasted onto the home page.
Finally here's my question, Will PHP Nuke provide me with what I need to build the NFMAS website or do you suggest something else out of the fantastico downloads, or do I need to read more on my PHP=My SQL for dummies?
My user name is Lagefcom
Thank You