View Full Version : Modify a Go Menu as AutoComplete

07-08-2006, 01:08 AM
I've learned how to create a Go Menu with BlueVoda, but I'd like to know if it can be modified so that it is an AutoComplete menu.

I want something similar to Internet Explorer's AutoComplete function, except that the list of names to be completed will be a
permanent list which I supply, (rather that a list created on the fly by IE when users enter new texts).

Just in case I'm not specifying AutoComplete clearly, it's the function which, any time you fill in a form, shows a drop-down list of
words which begin with the letters you type in; the drop-down list becomes smaller and smaller as you enter more letters (because
fewer and fewer possibilities exist as more letters are entered).

The best type of AutoComplete function I've seen is on iTunes. The AutoFillin is within the single text-entry box (instead of showing
a drop-down list with all possibilities that begin with the letters entered), so that the first list name that appears is the name that is
alphabetically lowest with the given starting letter(s). In the best of all possible worlds, the iTunes style is what I would use.

This is my first posting in this forum. I'm really enjoying working with BlueVoda

~ beau