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07-21-2006, 09:38 PM
I registered a domain name with 1&1 web hosting service and then realized that I had a problem as i had built the website in BlueVoda.

BlueVoda seemed like such a great website builder that I decided to transfer it, that all went without a hitch and we got the welcome email with all the necessary info and then published the site - when it didn't show up we thought it was because it needed more time to "adjust" to the transfer but it has now been a month and I am getting no further.

I am really confused - the whole thing is accepting my password etc, but then the site still says "this website has been reserved by one of our customers - 1&1..." and it won't publish.

What am I doing wrong? the website is www.africaschildren.org.uk (http://www.africaschildren.org.uk) and we need it up last week as we are registering as a charity and need the word out there.

thank you, any help would be much appreciated.

07-21-2006, 10:48 PM
Did you send them a Support request?