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Signature Rules

Your signature may be a maximum of 3 lines and 3 hyperlinks and may ONLY include the following...

1) Your Full Name.
2) Your Profession or a VERY brief site description.
3) Your url or a link to a maximum of 3 websites that are hosted with VodaHost.
4) You may not promote a website that does not belong to you or an affiliate program.
5) You may not use (without prior permission)anything larger than size 2 font and may not include any graphics.
6) Your signature may not promote (without prior permission) any seo, search engine submission, web hosting, domain registration, web design, graphic design or any other product or service that is in direct competition with any product or service that is offered by us.

You may not have a signature if you are not a paying VodaHost web hosting customer. All websites that are linked in your signature must be hosted on VodaHost servers. Any violation of our signature rules and your signature will be edited or deleted with out warning.

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