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  • ABVFP help

    I had an existing form. I walked through the ABVFP set up.

    What does this mean? If this is a new form, please remember that you need to set the form action to be "dbts_abvfp.php", and the value of the hidden field set to be the same as the Form ID number that appears here

    My form is at

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    Re: ABVFP help

    ABVFP is a form processor that needs to know from which form the submission comes from. Also, since it allows for customization of the emails (main and autoresponder) and some more features, you need to set up each form before it can be processed. When you do, it will display a Formid number.
    You must put this form ID number in your form, as hidden field.

    To see how the above are accomplished, please read the ABVFP tutorial that is included in the zip you downloaded. It is all described there step by step, with images
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      Re: ABVFP help

      How do I create a database in the Control Panel?