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Background color in form field not consistent

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  • Background color in form field not consistent

    I am utilizing the default contact form found in ABVFP. For some reason some of the fields have a white background and some have a yellow background. This is confusing for the user. I can't find any difference in the fields. All backgrounds are set on white. Any suggestions? The form URL is:


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    Re: Background color in form field not consistent

    Are you requiring any of the fields? That could be why.



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      Re: Background color in form field not consistent

      It is almost certain that you have Google (or other) Toolbar installed in your browser. If this toolbar has the Autofill feature enabled, it turns to yellow the fileds that it recognizes, so that you can understand that they might be autofilled.

      Please note that this yellow background is ONLY visible by those visitors that have the Autofill feature too, for all others the background is white.
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        Re: Background color in form field not consistent

        Thank you George. I do have a Google Toolbar with the Autofill feature. With your information, I simply added a little text to the form giving the viewer the opportunity to understand what the highlighted form field means.

        It's great to know that you and many other "have my back"!