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Help needed on using combobox

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  • Help needed on using combobox

    Hi all ,
    Im new here and i did search everywhere on th forms and i couldnt find what i need so please help me .
    i'm Building a car trade website ,
    And , i want to have several Comboboxs on my site
    I want the first combobox to contains car manufacturers names
    And the second combobox to contains car models names for each manufacturer was chosen from the first combobox
    And I want to link all with Go Button
    I also want to know how to make the results comes out in a new page , And what i put in each page to be included Within the search and the results .
    i did read in some forms that i need Java script to do this
    So can any one help me and give me some keys of java script to use it on my site?
    Thank you

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    Re: Help needed on using combobox

    No answer from any one????


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      Re: Help needed on using combobox

      if you don't change around the tool bars of BV page.
      The Go menu is at the left bottom and above the Video Tutorials.
      it is hidden, when you point at it , it will show " Where are the buttons?"
      just click one by one to find the Go Menu.


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        Re: Help needed on using combobox

        Go menu has nothing to do with this.

        The listboxes you are refering to are known as "Chained" .
        The selection on the first affects the choices (options) of the second.

        It can be done either with Javascript (for a limited number of options) or Ajax.

        I use Ajax in my applications as I have (in example) States - > Major Regions -> Sub Regions -> Cities with a cities file that is approx 800 KB so it is unthinkable to load them all, in order to use simple Javascript.


        To see how to do it with Javascript, look at

        However, for the second part (results) you need a Database driven script. So it is not something that you can do unless you have considerable knowledge of PHP/MySQL

        You should rather outsource this to a pro, or purchase a ready made script.
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