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  • multiple question help with advanced form

    Hi I have some problemns with making forms and need some help

    1 - trying to set a form where someone puts into their data then goes to the next page and submits moreinformtion before submitting the whole form to me.
    How do I do that?
    2- I am trying to create another form where people will need to put their date of birth down. If the is under 16 years of age I would like a thing to come underneath it saying u under age and need parent consint.

    how do i do this??
    3 - when people entering in their address I want it so if their mailing address is the same all their have to do is click the mailing address the same and it will autofill in for the customer.

    last but not least -

    how do i make a rule that a tick box needs to be tick so the person submitting the form knows and I know that they have read the terms and services.

    please help me with this advanced form question

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    Re: multiple question help with advanced form

    1. This requires a multipage form. Have a look at Multipage Form Tutorial

    2. This requires Yavascript. Or, simply add a drop down with ages, and set the value to be greater than 16 or give an alert

    3. This requires Javascript, you will have to code it yourself.

    4. There are many script that you can use for this. Here is one:
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