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Arrange object in form layout?

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  • Arrange object in form layout?


    I have placed a form layout in my page and it work well.

    On the other hand, the order of objects coming to my email is untidy. I mean the order of object coming to my email is not in order in the layout.

    I wanted to rearrange the order by using "arrange objects" menu option.

    The problem is that, the name of the objects is different then the names i have assigned to the field. So I am unable to match the fields with my names.

    Say, my fields names are name, job title, tel, adress and more.

    When I click the arrange objects option, I get a list as editbox1, editbox2, editbox3 and etc. This is very big problem to find the correct match of fields with my field names.

    How do you overcome this probem?


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    Re: Arrange object in form layout?

    Hi, the form objects appear in the email in the order that you added them to the form. So if you want the email to have name, phone number, then email address you need to add the fields in that order when creating the form.


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