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Application Form with Required Payment Options

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  • Application Form with Required Payment Options

    I'm working on an application form that has required selections with different prices that need to be paid prior to the form being submitted... So the applicant fills out the form, they choose their booth size and breakfast selections, which each have different prices assigned, then they click a check out button, their fees are paid via Credit Card or Paypal, then the form is sent once the fee goes through successfully. (as if they were making a purchase, and the purchase info doesn't go to the seller until the item is paid for.)

    So the order of events are as follows:

    1. Applicant chooses to apply online.
    2. They are directed to a page where they pay jury fee.
    3. Once the jury fee is paid, they are directed to an application form page.
    4. They fill out their application including a booth size selection (with different pricing) and breakfast selection (with different pricing.)... those two items are added up and the applicant goes to pay them.
    5. Once paid, the application info is submitted to the jury including the applicants selections and payment confirmation.

    Is this possible? The first 3 I've got, but 4 and 5 I'm having trouble with... If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.