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  • linking pages question

    Hi guys.
    I have problem to link my scroll down buttons with the pages. I read a few posts, I checked my web sites and URLs , I try to go follow the directions from the others posts and ... nothing. So far I did only first, "Remodeling " page which I like to link with my welcome page
    Soon I will find the problem I like to make the other pages.
    So, I did "Remodeling" page, then I save it, then I published it and then I set up my first button from drop down menu to and nothing happen. I call to my friends, they can open my web site however they can't redirect to the "Remodeling" page. thanks, Maciej

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    Re: linking pages problem

    Frustrated? Take a deep breath, and remember...

    When something that should be simple gets frustrating, it usually means that something simple is being overlooked.

    what did you name your page...."remodeling.html" OR "Remodeling.html" ??

    Check your spelling. Start there and see where the error is.

    Hope this is the answer you are looking for.
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      Re: linking pages problem

      Hi, your links all look ok. Have you published your page as just


      All in lower case & nothing else added.

      Eh! Robert got here 1st.
      Regards Chris.

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        Re: linking pages problem

        If its not the spelling check your link type should be http: but usually it has something to do with spelling its got to be the same. Thename of the page and the URL assigned to the remodeling button in your nav. button.
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          Re: linking pages problem

          OK, let me try again...


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            Re: linking pages problem

            Aaach, finaly something works! Thanks guys for help. What is interesting , a few weeks ago when I start build my web site I try all kind options and nothing was work, but now is OK. Great, now I feel better, thanks again, Maciej